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Doug Newburg

How good can you be? Let’s find out. That’s the journey, the quest, the work…and if we do it right, that’s the magic. We like working. We like getting better….

“Like” Coaching

Does how you feel affect how you perform? Over 10,000 people I’ve asked have answered the same way: yes. Feel is not the same thing as feelings–emotions that we don’t…

High Performance - a competitive cyclist and a surgeon both need to perform at the highest level.
High Performance Coaching

Looking for a competitive edge?  Want to get better faster?  Have an important presentation, operation, performance, or test coming up? Let me help. Coach.  It’s a word used a lot…


[The Most Important Lesson No One Ever Taught Me]  is one of the most enlightening books I’ve ever read. I’ve read this book 3 times, at 3 different stages of…


Feel Better, Do Better, Be Better

The most important lesson no one ever taught me, the lesson most people are never taught, is feel. What it is, how to use it, why it matters, and what to do with it. No one can teach it to us. We dress it up as emotion or tie it to neurochemicals as we try to explain it. We bury it and hide it as “feelings.” We do everything we can to avoid it because we’re scared of it. Yet it drives everything we do. What we feel can either reveal who we are or expose what we’ve become.

Feel is not the same thing as feelings – emotions that we don’t necessarily control. Feel is a skill you can improve, leading to better performances, better lives. In fact, I would argue that seeing feel as a skill is the single greatest competitive advantage (other than inherent talent) one can possess.

  • Feel is a gift that deserves and demands our wonder and awe, that allows us to do things we never knew we could do if we would just hold onto it.
  • Feel is a skill worth improving if we’ll just take the risk.
  • Feel tells us what matters if we listen to it.
  • Feel tells us how to do those things that matter if we pay attention to it.
  • Feel tells us when we do well even if our eyes are closed.
  • Feel moves us if we will simply follow it.
  • Feel is the ability to find and make meaning in the action of what we do. To feel and do what matters.
  • Feel is about accountability–how do I do it better?

Want to learn more? Read my blog post “The Power of Feel: Making Magic“, or Buy my book, The Most Important Lesson No One Ever Taught Me.


Ready to Feel Better?

Helping others feel better, do better, and be better is what I do. I offer Like Coaching. That’s right – Like Coaching, a form of life and performance coaching that focuses on the principles of feel and like.

I’ve had the greatest classroom and teachers in the world. Now you’re invited. Join the conversations, the ideas, thoughts, and lessons of the great performers I’ve had the privilege of knowing. I’ll support you and listen to you. I’ll challenge and interrupt you. You will discover what’s missing from your performances instead of what’s wrong with you. You will get better at getting better–-better at doing what you care about, better at being you.

What I Offer

I offer two forms of one-one-one coaching to my clients:

  1. Feel Better Coaching – if you’re unhappy with what you’re doing, or uncertain about what to do next with your life, my Feel Better Coaching is for you.
  2. High Performance Coaching – if you’re already doing what you love and want to improve your performance, my High Performance Coaching is what you’re looking for.

I also offer group and team coaching, workshops, and speaking engagements.

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Why Choose Me?

I’ve interviewed and worked with hundreds of great performers including CEO’s, Grammy Award winning musicians, Olympians and Olympic Coaches, best-selling authors, pilots, heart surgeons, and others. I’ve taught what I learned from them to help thousands of people get better at getting better in great companies, some of the best universities, small groups, and one on one. I’ve helped them perform and live better.

Whom I’ve Worked With

I’ve worked with people in a wide variety of fields to help them perform better professionally and personally. I’ve worked with:

  • CEO’s and Executives, Human Resources, Customer Service and Support, IT, Salespeople and teams.
  • Surgeons, Physicians, Nurses, and Hospital Administrators.
  • Coaches, Athletes, and Teams including Olympic, Professional, College, High School, and Age Group
  • Musicians and Writers
  • Parents and kids of all kinds
  • Universities and Teachers at all levels
  • Pilots

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