3 Areas That Differentiate Your Business Online From the Competition

//3 Areas That Differentiate Your Business Online From the Competition

Differentiation is a common dilemma for most businesses. In fact, most business owners overlook this aspect. It can take a toll on your business, more so if you’re in a cutthroat competitive industry. For example, if your business deals in selling apparel; how do you differentiate it from other businesses selling the same in the locality? What message will you convey to clients to convince them that you offer the best apparel in the locality?

To attract more prospects, you must make a point to differentiate yourself and let your potential customers and prospects know about it. And even after winning them over, you should continue to reinforce your message to retain them. With that said; here are common areas of differentiation you need to consider:

Pricing will influence the rate of selling products online

Although pricing is not an essential factor when selling products online or looking to advertise and market a website, some business owners are notorious for offering rock-bottom prices. There are certain businesses like a grocery store, car lot and jewelry store that pricing is a factor to make sales. But low pricing should not be your selling point in this day and age. The value and knowledge you offer to customers should always dictate the pricing.

The degree of service is critical to differentiating your business online from that of competitors

These days, customers are more concerned with the level of service and quality of products. So you should endeavor to offer quality products and impeccable service if you want to stand out from competitors. Your level of service should be consistent regardless of the customer’s purchasing power. Some aspects that determine your level of service include addressing customer queries promptly, fast and easy checkout processes, and timely delivery.

The experience and expertise in your business online

Your experience and knowledge in a certain domain will differentiate you from competitors. Face it; these days, customers don’t want to work with a jack of all trades. They want someone who specializes in a particular niche. They believe that someone who knows the ins and outs of the niche will deliver excellent results as opposed to a jack of all trades.  So make sure you perfect your niche and clients will stick to your business.

Technology plays a significant role in differentiating your business online

In this day and age, people will only do business with you if you implement cutting edge technology. Essentially, your business should aim to use technology that makes customers’ work easier. For example, if you’re selling products online through an e-commerce store, it’s a good idea to integrate shopping cart software into it to make customers’ buying experience flawless. This way, no customer will ever think of going to the competition.


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