5 Essential Elements to Create Online Store in 2017

//5 Essential Elements to Create Online Store in 2017

The upsurge of technology over the years has heralded a new age of online shopping. The competition in the e-commerce game has become stiffer than ever. That has driven e-commerce owners to build powerful online platforms that delight customers from the beginning to the end. In this post, we’re going to outline elements that any e-commerce owner must include in their platforms to be able to compete online in 2017:

Your e-commerce store must have a responsive design to sell online 2017 competitively

According to a research study by Google, 55% of searches that happened in 2017 was through mobile devices. That shows that mobile shopping is growing exponentially. So having a mobile friendly website is not an option anymore. It’s a must.

Have a great product display to sell online 2017 efficiently

The new generation of shoppers is obsessed with colored visuals, and this means an interactive display of products can do magic for your e-commerce store. In other words, your product display should include high-resolution images that have zooming capabilities, as well as comprehensive information about each product. You can also invest in 360 degrees photography to ensure that your customers can see your products all around.

Create online store that’s easy to navigate

Time is of the essence to the new generation of shoppers. They want to go online, grab what they want and move out to do other things in their busy schedules. An e-commerce store that is easy to navigate will enable this. That means key pages of your website should be on the main navigation bar and reduce the number of clicks to access a product or service. Also, include a superior search functionality to make finding products with keywords easy.

Create online store with a live chat function

Prompt customer support is critical in 2017. If customers cannot get real-time interactive support, they will abandon your e-commerce website. That’s why a live chat window is so handy in 2017. In fact, research shows that customers today prefer chatbots or live chats over emails.

Set out a clear return policy to increase your odds of selling products online in 2017

Strategically position a clear return policy on your e-commerce store if you want it to rock in 2017. It should be expressed or written in a clear and easy to understand way and outline all return costs, as well as refund methods. Although returning products is not appeal to you, make sure you plaster a clear return policy to give prospects confident to buy from you.


Other critical must-have elements in your e-commerce store in 2017 include multiple payment options, shopping cart software, trust marks, and engaging call to action. If your e-commerce store doesn’t have all these elements, make sure to include them to have the edge over competitors in 2017.


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