Doug Newburg, Feel Better Coach, High Performance Coach

Doug Newburg

Doug Newburg, Feel Better Coach, High Performance Coach

How good can you be? Let’s find out. That’s the journey, the quest, the work…and if we do it right, that’s the magic.

We like working. We like getting better. We don’t always know how though. Sometimes we need help closing the gaps, when working harder must give way to working smarter. That’s where I come in.

I’ve had the greatest classroom and teachers in the world.  Now you’re invited. Join the conversations, the ideas, thoughts, and lessons of the great performers I’ve had the privilege of knowing.

I’ll support you and listen to you. I’ll challenge and interrupt you. You will discover what’s missing from your performances instead of what’s wrong with you. You will get better at getting better— better at doing what you care about, better at being you.

Why work with me?

I’ve interviewed and worked with hundreds of great performers including CEO’s, Grammy Award winning musicians, Olympians and Olympic Coaches, best-selling authors, pilots, heart surgeons, and others. I’ve taught what I learned from them to help thousands of people get better at getting better in great companies, some of the best universities, small groups, and one on one.  I’ve helped them perform and live better.

I’ve rollerbladed, biked, bodysurfed, and played basketball all over the world, from Tokyo to New Orleans, from Hawaii to Victoria Island, from London to Boulder. I’ve landed on an aircraft carrier and gone 55 mph down a mountain on my bike.  I ran pass patterns for an NFL quarterback and trained with a world class triathlete.  I’ve been on stage with Grammy award winners and observed dozens of heart surgeries.

Quick Facts about me:

I have worked with or presented to:

  • Fortune 500 companies
  • CEO’s and Executives
  • Customer Service teams
  • Human Resources
  • IT groups
  • Health Clubs and Fitness organizations and members
  • Surgeons, Physicians, Nurses, and patients
  • Olympic Coaches and Athletes,  Professional and College Coaches and Athletes
  • Major Universities, Medical and Business Schools

I was on the faculty of the University of Virginia School of Medicine for fifteen years.  Named to the Academy of Distinguished Medical Educators. Won Dean’s Award in Teaching Excellence.

I have a Ph. D. in Sport Psychology from University of Virginia.

I played basketball at The University of Virginia.

I appeared on Good Morning America.