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Does how you feel affect how you perform?

Over 10,000 people I’ve asked have answered the same way: yes. Feel is not the same thing as feelings–emotions that we don’t necessarily control. Feel is a skill you can improve, leading to better performances, better lives. In fact, I would argue that seeing feel as a skill is the single greatest competitive advantage (other than inherent talent) one can possess.  Feel better, Be better, Do better.

I’ve interviewed hundreds of world class performers in a wide range of fields. What they told me surprised me. They were good at what they did–whether it was a sport, a musical talent, a job, parenting– because of how it made them feel to do it. Most of them chose their careers because when they first started doing what they did, they liked how it felt.

They decided they wanted to feel that way everyday. They committed themselves to how it felt. They built their lives around it.  Doing that thing inspired them to take responsibility for how they felt.

Their first measure of success? They didn’t care about results. They wanted to do it again. The more they liked what they did, the more they did it, until one day they were good at it. They found a seamless fit between how they felt and how they performed.  Not only did they like how they felt doing it, they knew how it felt to do it well.  What they felt aligned with how well they performed.

Simply put, these people redefined what it meant to “feel better.” When you see feel as a skill, feeling better means knowing how you like to feel, how to feel it, and how feel affects performance. Feeling better means knowing what you need to do to perform at the highest levels.

Using this “Feel as a Skill” approach, I’ve helped others find what they liked,  get better faster, and achieve high levels of performance and success.  Most of all, I’ve helped people create lives they like.


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