High Performance - a competitive cyclist and a surgeon both need to perform at the highest level.

High Performance Coaching

Looking for a competitive edge?  Want to get better faster?  Have an important presentation, operation, performance, or test coming up? Let me help.

Coach.  It’s a word used a lot these days.  So I wanted to take some time here to explain what I mean when I use the word coach.

A coach’s whole existence is dedicated to making you better, helping you learn and grow, and introducing you to useful ideas and people.  A true coach spends more time thinking about you and helping you be better than anything else.  For that reason, I take on a limited number of clients.

Personalized Coaching, 24 / 7 Support

My job is to understand you and your needs as best I can and to develop a personalized program for you based on those needs.  I make a distinction between personalized and private coaching.  Private coaching is simply doing with you one on one what I do with everybody else.  Personalized coaching in contrast is designing and executing a plan that fits only you.  I do personal coaching in that spirit.  You get a personalized plan, not a template.  You also get me 24/7 whether we are talking or I am thinking about your situation and piecing together a solution for you.

My work is based on the lessons I learned from over 600 world class performers and the latest performance science. I’ve helped high level performers of all kinds. Olympians, World Champions, CEO’s, surgeons, teams and companies.  I’ve helped regular people find what’s missing, fill in the gaps, and put it to work right away.

Opportunities in today’s world are everywhere. We have more tools and more freedom to perform at the highest levels. But life is also getting faster, the expectations of us getting greater.  It’s not enough to just get better. Get better at getting better.

In the GB3 blog you will find interviews with high level performers, lessons and tips, and real world applications of my work to help you get better quickly.

Ready to perform better?

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My one-on-one coaching is the best way for me to help you. The more I know about you, the more I can help. Contact me, or send me an email at doug@dougnewburg.com, to start performing at the levels possible.

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